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Alchemy Jewellery in Precious Metals

Alchemy Studios is very pleased to be able to offer uniquely made-to-order Alchemy jewellery in 925 sterling silver, (or in any other precious metal preferred), made in England. Each piece will come in a presentation box and accompanied by an individually completed Alchemy Studios certificate of authenticity.

If you are interested in having your favourite piece made for you as a one-off, simply email us with the item’s name and code number (available from the online catalogue), along with any relevant size information and other particulars. We will be pleased to quote you within one week.

For any Alchemy piece to be made as a one-off in 925 sterling silver, we have to go through an individual costing process. Although our original Alchemy Studios' model, (after some modifications and preparation work), would be used as the basis for taking the custom copy from, the actual moulding, casting and finishing processes for silver and precious metals are entirely different to that of pewter and are done in a different workshop.

After these considerations, the costing would then be based largely upon weight, the number of components and the level of assembly and finishing required. Each finished piece would then be hallmarked and branded upon the inside with the unique Alchemy Studios monogram.


Prices will generally start at around £150 for one of the simpler or smaller rings or pendants.

Precious metal necklace chains are not included in quotations, but a wide choice of chains can be done separately.

The price will be quoted in £ sterling and will be subject to shipping (and any duty payable on delivery).

A 50% deposit will be required with any order (payable here), and delivery would follow after around 4 - 5 weeks. Quotations will stand for up to 10 days from the date of issue.


For all enquiries and further information please complete our enquiries form and we will be happy to provide you with a quote or further information if required.